8 Funny German words

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Funny German words for English and Spanish speakers: to show the world that German can be a funny language. Lachen Sie!

Guten Tag!

Why is the German language so complicated! Life’s too short to learn German, they say… I say, they lie! Let’s take a look at some words that sound really funny, even though their meanings are completely different. This post is for English and Spanish speakers, but if you speak another language and some German word is also funny for your ears, let us know in the comments.

1. Kochen

This one is for our visitors from Latin America. Kochen sounds just like (cojen) which literally means fu**. Kochen in German means only to cook. Be careful when someone tells you “Deine Frau kocht sehr gut”… it may not mean what you think! And if a German woman says "Ich will für dich kochen", that does not transform you in her pimp... trust me in that one!

2. Geschwindigkeitsbegrenzung

You may think that something like this word is something very important, but no… it’s just the “speed limit”. Don't worry if you drive too fast, the Germans have a word for that as well: Geschwindigkeitsüberschreitung!

3. Lust

Lust in English means “desire”. So it may be kinda funny to listen to someone saying “Ich habe keine Lust”. The group Rammstein plays a little with this notion, I think, with the song “Keine Lust”."Lust" in German means only willpower, "ich habe keine Lust" can be translated like: I don't feel like...

4. Puten

Again for the Spanish speakers. Pute (Puten in plural) in German means only “turkey”. You can buy Puten in the supermarket. Puten, however, sounds a lot like “puta”, which in Spanish, means “whore”. Be careful with what you do with your “Puten”, my friend. There's also a place called Mamming (which sounds like mamada, blowjob in Spanish) and Mamendorf (which would be nice to considered as the Blowjob Town.... which is not...).

5. Kartoffelpuffer

It’s just a funny word… and you’ll just have to spit at everyone around you to pronounce it right. Enjoy… KARTOFFELPUFFER! What is it actually? It's a potato pancake. But, see for yourself: Kartoffelpuffer.

6. Fahrt (and all the –fahrt words)

Fahrt“ in German means trip, like “fahren“ means travel. The only problem is its resemblance with the “fart” word in English. So to make things funny, let’s say what those words actually mean:

Fahrt: fart
Notfahrt: emergency fart
Einfahrt: one fart
Gute fahrt!: nice fart!
Busfahrt: fart in the bus

7. Schmuck

Schmuck“ in German means jewelry. In English it means “an obnoxious or contemptible person”. And that is another difference between German women and women around the world. German women do not want “obnoxious or contemptible persons” as gifts.


This one may be the mother of all words… only because it uses the alphabet two or three times. The explanation, according to Wikipedia, is: literally, Cattle marking and beef labeling supervision duties delegation law. Because, f**k it, we needed a word for it. In this case, this word is impossible for Spanish and English speakers just the same!

Bonus word: Pantoffelheld

The description in German goes: "ein Ehemann, der sich von seiner Ehefrau beherrschen lässt und im häuslichen Bereich keinerlei Einfluss ausüben kann". In other words, the guy in the relationshio is the slippers’ hero, because he is controlled by his wife. Yes, the Germans have a word for that as well, duh!

I hope you liked these words, and that you keep on learning German. What they say is true, life is too short, so hurry up! If you know any other funny word, just mention them on our comments section.

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